Hamburg Innovation offers training and continuing professional development in new technology fields and the management of innovation and research. Opportunities range from evening information events or two-day workshops to full qualification programmes run by Hamburg’s higher education institutions.


Hamburg Innovation is working with the career services at Hamburg’s universities to expand their existing network. Working with with Hamburg’s life sciences cluster, the network is building long-term cooperation with small and medium-sized enterprises. The Netzwerk Hamburg Career Services project began on 1 January 2010 and received funding until 31 March 2016 from the European Social Fund and the City of Hamburg.


Pro Exzellenzia LogoInitially set up for two years, the Pro Exzellenzia project aims to achieve a significant and lasting increase in the number of women at management level in Hamburg companies. It is directed at highly-qualified female doctoral researchers and postdocs who are keen to take on a management role in the sciences, business, or culture. Pro Exzellenzia has been running successfully since 1 September 2010 and will continue to be funded by the European Social Fund and the City of Hamburg until 31 December 2016.


Our courses on innovation and research management provide company managers and researchers with the tools, methods, and key qualifications they need to commercialise knowledge successfully. They are provided in partnership with TuTech Innovation GmbH both as open workshops in the TuTech building and as in-house seminars for universities, research institutes, and companies.



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