Technology and digital worlds

22 September 2018, 1300 – 1800 hrs
Hamburg University of Technology campus

Together with 19 Hamburg universities, research organisations and institutes, Hamburg Innovation will be focussing on “Technology and Digital Worlds” as part of “Tag des Wissens” (knowledge day) on 22 September from 1300 – 1800 hrs. Our contribution is gathering together what people want science and research to provide and offers further opportunities to get involved and try things out.

It is a broad programme that addresses the big and small questions of living in an increasingly technical and digital world: How can digital technology improve the quality of life in the city? How does an E-coli bacterium reproduce compared to an elephant? Should parents be allowed to read their children’s WhatsApp posts? How do you teach a robot to play football? What do astronauts on the ISS eat and how does food taste in space?

The “Tag des Wissens” is an event initiated by the Hamburg Ministry for Science, Research and Equality and complements the “Nacht des Wissens” (knowledge night). The ministry and Hamburg University of Technology, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2018, hope the Tag des Wissens will make everyone in Hamburg more familiar with the issues technological and digital research is addressing.

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