Hamburg Innovation (HI) is a knowledge transfer company, primarily responsible for protecting and commercialising intellectual property developed at Hamburg’s higher education institutions to ensure its use for economic and social benefit.

Our core mission is to initiate and manage technical and scientific research cooperation projects which bring industry and research together and to help commercialise R&D output by licensing intellectual property rights and setting up spin-out companies.

Our role is to act as a bridge between Hamburg’s higher education institutions and businesses, providing management tools and operational support as well as taking on responsibility for funding and contracts; the applied research itself remains the responsibility of the universities and the academic and research staff concerned.

Our principal aim is to increase the scope and improve the effectiveness of cooperation between Hamburg’s higher education institutions and industry and government.

HI works with its affiliate, TuTech Innovation, and with all higher education institutions in Hamburg to provide a complete range of knowledge and technology transfer services.

Hamburg Innovation’s remit

Our knowldge transfer services in Hamburg

  • Promoting cooperation between business and research in association with all Hamburg higher education institutions
  • Linking science and technology with politics and government
  • Managing R&D projects and contract research
  • Commercialising R&D results
  • Providing technological business consultancy
  • Delivering programme and project management services
  • Advising on funding (national, European, and international)
  • Advising and supporting technology and technical service-based companies and start-ups
  • Participating in innovative venture creation as a company incubator
  • Managing clusters
  • Providing marketing and communication services
  • Offering competence development and training in new technology fields