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Transfer has to be more than
just delivering from A to B

When we talk about knowledge and technology transfer, we mean more than just the business implementation of technology generated in Hamburg’s universities. We also mean more than a quick contact between researchers and implementers. For us, knowledge and technology transfer means, above all, enabling new ideas to thrive in the long term. It means opening up new opportunities for science, business and our society and thus successfully connecting different worlds. For unusual perspectives are the only way we as a society can change things for the better or, together, make the seemingly impossible happen.

When we say transfer, we mean constant change that we want to help bring about by forging connections, acting as a broker or even breaking down established barriers. In this way, we work daily to put ideas into practice so that together we can both rethink and shape the future.

Think what has never been thought before

Whether it’s a new invention, an outstanding insight or an idea with start-up potential, Hamburg’s universities harbour a wide range of possibilities that can enrich the economy through new technology or have a lasting impact on our society. That’s why we not only support scientists with finding the right partners for their knowledge or – the other way around – help companies, for example with using contract research to get ahead, we also take our public outreach role seriously.



Discovering new things through science

Our mission is to help new insights and technology make a breakthrough. With our partners from science, business and the public sector, we have direct access to almost all areas of technology. Our innovation and funding advice develops compliance-compliant and pragmatic solutions through contract research, research collaboration or thematic networks, consortia and cluster projects.

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ideas flow

A good idea is the best start

As an experienced player in the Hamburg start-up network, we can accompany you and your team from brainstorming and then company set-up through to the early growth phase. Our concrete support includes help with the creation of business plans, market analyses and the acquisition of subsidies. We offer office and co-working space in our incubator in the Harburg upriver port innovation district.

The largest universities in the Hamburg metropolitan region and DESY have joined forces to promote and support science start-ups more effectively with the Startup Port platform. It is the central point of access to the online and offline services for knowledge and technology-based start-ups.

Have you got a good idea? Take the first step or follow how the latest projects for startups in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region are developing at

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Successful in the market with patents

Every new technology needs successful marketing. We can support you with protecting your intellectual property and safeguarding your exclusivity, thus strengthening the competitive position you are striving for long-term.
With the Patent Agency Hamburg (PVA Hamburg), our sister company Tutech Innovation has created one of the first operational contact points for protecting and exploiting inventions coming out of universities.

As a recognised service provider to the association of universities and research institutions in the City of Hamburg, it has been active worldwide for more than 15 years.

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