Our project work sees us engaged daily in varied teams wherever we can have an active impact. Here we help to transfer new knowledge and technology out into the world so as to open up innovative creative opportunities. As a rule we take an approach that is off the beaten track. We act as digital and analogue intermediaries between researchers and enablers, go through researchers’ files in search of previously neglected approaches, support start-ups from genesis to launch or coordinate funding for a wide range of proposals. We support women in research and simplify communication between academia and business.
And we never lose sight of our goal to work together to create something new.


The AI beacon for the north

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to make a positive contribution to shaping the future. Innovative and sensible use of AI can intensify sustainable action in all aspects of life, revolutionise the health system and drive economic prosperity. To encourage the development of this future technology and promote the use of AI for the benefit of society, the AI.STARTUP.HUB project coordinated by Hamburg Innovation provides systematic support for AI start-ups in northern Germany…


Group picture of Startup Port staff at community day 2023

A strong alliance for successful start-ups

The major universities in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region have joined with DESY to create the Startup Port platform to provide researchers with more effective support for their start-ups.

Potential founders from ….

Calls For

Seed capital for knowledge projects

The financial resources needed for transferring commercially viable or socio-cultural concepts from the university to industry or society are often lacking. And so promising ideas, inventions and smaller research projects often end up buried in researchers’ files. Started in summer 2018, the Calls for Transfer project…


Innovation Contact Point (IKS) – links business and academia

With “IKS links business and academia” as its banner, the aim of the contact point is to improve communication between businesses and academic institutions in Hamburg and make it easier for them to get access to one another. Experience shows…

Exzellenzia Plus

Pro Exzellenzia plus is a programme for women who want more.

Women with their primary residence in Hamburg and a degree in mathematics, engineering, natural sciences, technology, art, music, architecture or the humanities…


Hamburg Innovation Summit

Every spring, the Hamburg Innovation Summit #HHIS offers an attractive bridge between all innovation stakeholders and forward-thinkers from business, politics and academia. The scene meets regularly at the HHIS in Hamburg…