Hamburg University of Fine Arts


The Hamburg University of Fine Arts (HFBK) is Hamburg’s state academy of higher artistic and academic education and has 850 students. Within the framework of its internationally compatible, consecutive Bachelor’s and Master’s fine arts degree programme, which is singular among German-speaking art colleges, it offers the opportunity for free interdisciplinary study in eight main areas: sculpture, stage design, design, film, graphic art/typography/photography, painting/drawing, theory/history and time-based media.

The art students work in studios and are intensively supervised by teachers in seminars, and individual and group discussions. The focus is on self-determined artistic explorations as well as project-based and experimental ways of working. The aim of the programme is to prompt innovative questions and to develop forward-looking solutions in the artistic disciplines. A comprehensive professionalisation programme ensures connections to the professional field. The possibility to do a doctorate with an artistic component (degree: Dr. phil. in artibus) reflects the complex research practice at the HFBK.

sculpture, stage design, design, film,
graphic art/typography/photography,
painting/drawing, theory/history & time-based media.

As an active part of cultural life, the HFBK exerts an influence on current artistic developments through a powerful exhibition programme and a variety of collaborations, and initiates socially relevant discussions. The proven internationality of its teachers and students is reflected in the global partner network Art School Alliance, which promotes the international exchange of ideas at a significant level. As a family-friendly certified university, the HFBK also holds the top position among art and music universities in the university rankings with respect to equality in the current 2019 CEWS study.

Hamburg University of Fine Arts
Lerchenfeld 2
22081 Hamburg




Together with HfBK we are creating new approaches to the arts and culture, and so we are actively engaging with the many and varied ideas coming from the artists and working with them to put them into practice. We are there when new styles and values are generated for today’s world and we are convinced that multifaceted knowledge transfer always demands a targeted engagement with artistic insights.