Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg


The Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg (HfMT Hamburg) is a university of art and music that places great value on innovation and diversity. The range of 70 individual music degree programmes is complemented by the areas of directing, acting, opera and dramaturgy. You can also study music therapy or music pedagogy as well as general musicology at HfMT Hamburg. Prospective students must pass an audition.

About 1,300 students study at the university. HfMT Hamburg is divided into five study faculties that also carry out joint projects from time to time – Music, Theatre, Education and Science, Cultural and Media Management, and “Faculty 12”.

Music, Theatre, Education and Science,

Cultural and Media Management, &

“Faculty 12” make up HfMT

Since 2014 HfMT has been officially designated a family-friendly university. Childcare is available and students with children can apply for financial grants and help with study organisation. The university is a diversity and equal opportunities advocate, e.g. through the introduction of intercultural competence training. HfMT Hamburg also cooperates with the other universities in Hamburg to run an anti-corruption office.

Students at HfMT receive tips for independent artistic careers or work in cultural management in events that prepare them for their careers. Through a concert management office, the up-and-coming musicians can gain plenty of practical experience while they are still studying.

Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg
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Together with HfMT we are committed to promoting new stimuli from the arts and culture in the public sphere. The university’s interdisciplinary mix of music, drama and management brings together facets whose interplay is essential in practice, because to a certain extent anyone who works as an independent artist always runs a small business, too. We know that transfer is inherent to cultural commodities, and that is precisely why we value our mutual cooperation with HfMT.