Hamburg University of Technology


As the most northerly university of technology, TUHH offers internationally oriented, strongly interconnected basic research. TUHH’s founding principles are unique in Germany.

Priority of research, interdisciplinarity, innovation, regionality and internationality are binding principles. The guiding principle of developing technology for people is at the heart of research, teaching and technology transfer. Founded in 1978, it has a special flair with its approximately 7,800 students, over 100 professors and around 1,200 employees. Modern buildings with excellent facilities, cutting-edge research in many fields and modern teaching and learning methods form the basis for the highly regarded quality of the degree programmes. The TUHH is growing steadily and will expand its capacity considerably by 2028 in a growth programme.

TUHH Statistik

Research activities are grouped into
three research fields:

“Green Technologies” with the research areas of regenerative energy, systems – storage – distribution, water, and environmental technologies

“Life Sciences Technologies” with the research areas of medical technology, biomaterials, and biological and chemical process technologies

“Aviation and Maritime Systems” with the research areas of aeronautical engineering, logistics and mobility, and maritime systems and structures

Closely interlinked with these areas of expertise are engineering methods and the interdisciplinary fields of digitalisation and the development of new materials.

Green Technologies, 

Life Sciences Technologies, 

Aviation and Maritime Systems

Our mission statement for the education of young engineers as creative thinkers, socially responsible, internationally oriented and comprehensively trained professionals is characterised by the demands of their future careers.

Changing the world from Hamburg – Technically possible! is the guiding principle of TUHH.

Hamburg University of Technology
Am Schwarzenberg-Campus 1
21073 Hamburg




For 25 years, we and the TUHH have had more in common than just our location south of the Elbe: as a sister company of Tutech Innovation, we work closely with the scientists at the TUHH. We have long been involved ‘live’ in the development of ‘technology for people’ – technology ‘made in Hamburg’. The TUHH’s various fields of expertise create a wide range of new technologies and thus numerous opportunities for cooperation and partnerships that we love to help initiate and actively champion.