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Tutech Innovation GmbH


Tutech is a subsidiary of Hamburg University of Technology and the City of Hamburg and is a Hamburg Innovation shareholder. Both organisations are privately organised companies that bring together academia, business and society. All of Hamburg’s public universities as well as many research institutes in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region are linked here with the goal of strengthening Hamburg as a centre of innovation.

As a partner for research projects involving industry, and with many years of experience in technology and knowledge transfer, Tutech helps companies and researchers. All projects at the interface between business and academia, from recruiting experts to providing continuing education programmes, are competently supported. HI and Tutech are actively involved in publicly funded projects.

Tutech Innovation GmbH

Harburger Schloßstraße 6-12
21079 Hamburg




Together with our sister company, Tutech Innovation, we create new impetus for the market, our society and research: we promote lateral thinking, help start-ups and are committed to the numerous opportunities for applied research and protecting corresponding outcomes. Together, we not only want to strengthen the regional development of our city, but also work hand in hand with the universities to develop innovative solutions to the problems of the 21st century.